• Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

    Protect your most important web flows by simulating user interactions and spotting bottlenecks.

If your website is up and running, everything seems to be fine, there’s always a risk whereby application flow’s key parts, such as shopping carts, registration pages, etc may not be functioning properly.

Monitis Synthetic Transaction Monitoring service ensures your ecommerce engine is functioning properly.Simulates an end user’s interaction with your website, continually monitors web and application transactions and alerts you when any one step in the online process stops working correctly.

Key features:

  • User experience simulation from over 30 locations worldwide
  • Ready to use templates for widely used transactions
  • Visualization of each individual step’s performance
  • Detailed diagnostics and drill-downs for performance analysis
  • Custom thresholds per step’s execution time
  • Alerts when any application is not performing correctly
  • Insight into the duration and success of your application workflow
  • Chrome and Firefox latest version support

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