Website Security Monitoring

Monitis offers an all-in-one security package that includes the following services.

Malware Removal & Hack Repair

Runs every 12 hours.

We will actively seek out Malware and hack attempts with our scanning machines. If detected, we can remove it and repair your site. Being hacked can cause major down time for your site and cause massive inconvenience, but with a proactive approach you can be sure of a quick response to an attack and be up and running with haste. We guarantee to respond within 12 hours.

Continuous Malware and Hack Scanning

Runs every 12 hours.

Our system monitors know what is going on in your environment and send alerts when there is any suspicious activity. Because both internal and external violations can cause issues, we perform an analysis of activity patterns to determine any deviations from what is normal.

Continuous scanning is the most important part of reducing the threat of damage. By proactively seeking out attacks on your site, you can be sure you are ready should the need arise to act.

Brand Reputation and Black List Monitoring

Runs every 12 hours.

Being black listed can be an untold nightmare not only for the cost of fixing this but the time it takes to reinstate the running of your business and ultimately your reputation. By running the monitoring systems we offer to our customers you can be sure that should an attack occur you will be notified immediately. Finding out from a customer that they cannot access your site or send and receive emails from you is highly embarrassing and costly. With a monitoring system in place you can be sure of a greater control of your site and a quicker resolve time. We monitor this for you every 12 hours.

The defacement of your website can undo months if not years of good brand promotion. An unnoticed picture dominating your website can have huge implications on your image and if gone unnoticed can harm you not only financially but how you are perceived by online visitors and you as an entity. Hackers may have many motives for defacing your site, ranging from disapproval of what you are broadcasting to simply wanting to prove that they can cause disruption as a means of fun. Monitoring checks ensure that if your site becomes the victim of defacement we are able to alert you so that steps can then be taken to remedy the issue with haste.

PCI Compliance

Runs quarterly.

At the front of commercial online transactional compliance is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

For some companies this can prove a significant headache to achieve compliance. Our auditor-tested, PCI DSS compliance software solutions make PCI DSS compliance not only possible, but easy to maintain.

We perform 4 quarterly PCI Scans.

Adding Security Monitor

In Monitis dashboard go to the Monitors top menu and select Security Monitors.


Click Add New to add new monitor.


Under URL enter your website URL.


  • If you enter a domain name such as com the entire domain along with all level subdomains will be scanned. Note that will also be treated as domain name, not a subdomain.
    So for example, if you enter, or the entire domain will be scanned along with all subdomains.   
  • If you enter a subdomain, only that subdomain will be scanned.
    For example if you enter only this subdomain will be scanned.
  • If you want to scan a certain subfolder, e.g., you can use the following workaround: add a new subdomain on your website, e.g. that translates to the subfolder by getting it from a cname. In this case if you provide the subdomain as the URL to be scanned, as a result the subfolder will be scanned.


Below you will see the list of your current email contacts. Select the ones that you want to receive email reports from this security monitor.

Check the Send daily security scan report box if you want to receive scan reports daily.

Click Finish when done.

You will see an instruction to proceed.


Within an hour you will receive the confirmation mail with .php file attached. Place the file in the root directory of your website. In a computer file system, and primarily used in popular operating systems, the root directory is the first or topmost directory in a hierarchy. Once this has been done our systems will automatically detect the file’s presence and you’re up and running. Please note until this file is placed your service will not be live.

Once installed the .php file communicates via HTTPS back to the protection and verification servers to carry out certain tasks as:

  • Scan all website files internally increasing detection rates and lowering false positives.
  • Works with 99% of CMS systems.
  • Very little overhead.
  • Allows for instant cleanup of detected malware.
  • Provides us direct access to your files for immediate remediation of malware.

. We recognize that most people will be weary of placing PHP code onto their website. However, our PHP file is safe and secure, it communicates using http/https and never stores information from your website on our servers, your data and files remain 100% on your server.

Monitor List

You can see your Security monitors in the Monitor List, where you can perform a number of actions: suspend or delete the monitor, assign it to a group or open the monitor’s settings.


In Settings you can change the monitor name or URL to be monitored, as well as the contacts to send the security scan reports to.