Edit Uptime Monitors

You can edit an Uptime Monitor two ways, on the individual monitor, in bulk in the Manage Monitors settings.

Editing an Individual Monitor.

1.  Click the Settings icon on the monitor.

extsettings - Edit Uptime Monitors


2.  Click the Settings item from the menu, and you will be presented with the Edit Settings Window.

editlocation - Edit Uptime Monitors


Notice that you can select different locations, and if you “Double click” the Frequency in minutes you will be able to adjust the speed of the monitor.
editspeed - Edit Uptime Monitors

3.  Click Apply to save your changes, and Close to return to the console.


Bulk Editing Uptime Monitors

1.  Go to the Monitors Menu >> highlight your Monitor Type>> click List
bulkedit - Edit Uptime Monitors

2.  Select the monitors you wish to edit and click Bulk Edit
selectmonitors - Edit Uptime Monitors

3.  Click Edit Basic Settings, please also notice you can adjust Notifications and Maintenance here.
basicsettings - Edit Uptime Monitors

4.  Configure the changes you wish to make.
bulkconfig - Edit Uptime Monitors

5.  Click Save to apply your changes, and OK to return to the List Monitors window.
6.  From here you can simply close the window using the close icon in the top right.