Add Uptime Monitor

  1. Select “Monitors Menu”-> Highlight the Uptime Monitor protocol you wish to monitor, then click Add.

addexternal - Add Uptime Monitor

  2.  Fill in all required fields and click “Next”. Fill in all required fields and click “Add”.


Configure External


NOTE:  When entering an IP, be sure this is a Public IP and not and Internal IP.  To monitor Internal IP’s please use Internal Monitoring.

To add more monitoring protocols to the same URL/IP, click the green plus sign.


More Monitors


3.  Select the monitoring frequency and Monitoring Locations to monitor from.

externallocation - Add Uptime Monitor

  4. Specify notification rules for this monitor or skip it for now.


externalnotifyrule - Add Uptime Monitor


  5. Wait until your newly created Uptime Monitor will load first results.


externalmonitor - Add Uptime Monitor