Web Stress Tester

About Web Stress Tester

Monitis Web Stress Tester is an on-demand load testing service that uses cloud-computing power for instant testing.

Heavy user traffic is never a bad thing, unless your web system is under too much stress.  Monitis Web Stress Tester will help you determine how your system responds to that traffic.  You can use the service at any time, day or night, to ensure that your websites and applications are ready for any number of visitors whenever they arrive.

Adding Web Stress Test

There are different ways that you can access the Web Stress Tester tool:

  • From the main menu, by going to Monitors -> Other -> Web Stress Tester.


  • From the main menu, by going to Tools -> Web Stress Tester.


  • From context menu of your Uptime or Transaction monitor.


The Web Stress Tester window will open:

2018 05 31 1751 1 - Web Stress Tester


With Web Stress Tester, you can perform the Stress test with a single URL – the test will run on a single page, loading all page components without executing JavaScript codes.

Adding a Single URL Test

2018 05 31 1751 2 - Web Stress Tester


You can test a limited number of URLs as per your monitoring plan. After you use up the allowed number of entries the “+” button will be disabled.

Enter one by one the URLs to stress test under the Target URL(s). Use the + button to add more URL fields as needed.

Select the test duration under Duration (mins).

Select the number of emulated virtual clients for stress test under Simulated clients.

Under Load location select the geographical location of load generator nodes (US or Europe).

To help you get started with the Web Stress Tester, we offer a free one-time test.

Click Start Test to start the stress test.

If you do not enter any URL, or you enter a wrong URL you will receive an error message2018-05-31_17592018-05-31_1801


After the test is completed, a report containing the results will be sent to the primary email address of your Monitis account.

Note: the primary email address is initially the email address that you have signed up to Monitis service with. You can then change this email address at any time.

Viewing Test Results for a Single URL Test

You can find detailed explanations for the Single URL test report here: https://dashboard.monitis.com/URL%20test%20-%20sample%20report.pdf