If an order is yearly prepaid already paid for the whole billing cycle, and the billing cycle is not over yet, the order will not be included in the invoice.

Invoicing is done at 1st of each month with a single invoice and detailed report by clients. The invoice contains all the unpaid orders of the reseller’s clients.

Orders suspended/deleted more than 2 months ago will not be included in the invoice.

If a client doesn’t have any unpaid order the client will not be included in invoice.

If a reseller doesn’t have any paying client invoice will not be generated.

The invoices are available from the Account menu under the Invoices view. They are generated and marked yellow until paid; after the invoice is paid they are then marked green.


The reseller’s own billing (not his clients’ but for his own services used) is the same as for ordinary (non-reseller) Monitis accounts.


Suspension due to non-payment

If the reseller doesn’t pay his reseller invoice for 1 month all his clients/orders are suspended.

If there is an unpaid invoice from past cycle, during the invoice generating for the current cycle all the clients and their orders are suspended and the second invoice is generated.

The suspension due to non-payment is done on the last day of the month. Prepaid orders are not billed for the next cycle, but only for the cycles used.

When the invoice is paid, the reseller can activate the clients/orders suspended due to non-payment via API call using the Extend All Clients action.


Grace Period

Grace period of no more than 45 days applies to the client’s monitors upon suspension. The Grace period value (days) is added as a parameter when creating the order.

When an order expires, or the reseller suspends the order, or the reseller’s clients/orders are suspended due to non-payment, Monitis will suspend the clients’ monitors for the mentioned grace period. After the grace period the order’s status changes to “Deleted” and the client’s monitors are deleted.


Switching from prepaid to postpaid and vice versa

Switching from prepaid to postpaid and vice versa will be done by Monitis per your request: for that you need to contact Monitis Sales.

Switching between prepaid and postpaid is available on per client basis: you can have some of your clients running on prepaid and some on postpaid payment method. See Switching Between Prepaid and Postpaid.

Important: as yearly cycle is available only for Prepaid, it is not possible to switch from Prepaid to Postpaid payment cycle if the client has order(s) running on yearly billing cycle – active, suspended, or not activated yet.