Reseller API

Reseller Account Management with API

All of the reseller account management actions can be managed via API (Add Client, Add Order, etc).

Using Monitis Reseller API, you can set up automatic provision of Monitis monitoring services to your newly added clients, as well as manage clients and orders.

Please find the API documentation here:


Reseller Sample flow with API

To help you get started, see below the common sequence of API calls that you will need to run to add a client -> create an order for the client -> add monitors in the order -> add the monitors to the client’s dashboard.

Add Client

1. Take your account API key from your Monitis dashboard (Tools->API->API Key), or by running the Get API key call.

2. Get the authentication token (used in all POST requests). The token is valid for 24 hours.

3. Run the addClient API action (
Response: API Key of the client.

Add Order

4. Run the getServiceList API action ( ) to get list of all available monitoring services.

5. Run the addOrder API action with the monitor configurations you want (
Response: Order ID.

Add Monitor

6. Run the addMonitor API command to add the monitor you want (
Response: Monitor ID.

Add Monitor Module to the Monitis Dashboard of the client

7. Run the addPage API request if you want a new tab to be added to client’s Monitis dashboard ( ).
Response: Page ID.

8. Run the add PageModule API command to add the monitor module to the tab you want using the page ID ( ).
Response: Page Module ID