Reseller – any Monitis paying or free plan (but not in trial) account that has added at least one client. The action of adding the first client will automatically extend your standard account to include full reseller functionality (without white-labeling, see below).

There are 3 types of Reseller role:

  • Integration – Managing clients via API only, with no access to Monitis dashboards etc.
  • White-labeling –The possibility to set your own branding, and provide end-user support to your clients directly.
  • Reselling – The possibility to resell Monitis services to end users with support provided by Monitis.

Client – a client account created in Monitis by the reseller. Client accounts have some differences and limitations as compared to standard Monitis accounts (see Client’s Dashboard).

Order – a list of monitoring services for the client created by the reseller. A client can have many orders, all independent from each other, with start and optional end dates.
Client plan upgrade is done via additional orders. A client’s plan is the combination of all orders of the client.

An order can have an end date, but it’s not mandatory. If you set an end date for the order, the monitoring services corresponding to the order will be suspended as soon as the end date is reached.

  • Managed Order – monitoring services under this order are managed by reseller and cannot be edited or deleted by the client.
    For a Managed order, monitoring services can be added into the client’s account only by the reseller and only via Monitis API.
  • Non-Managed Order – monitoring services under this order can be managed by both the reseller and the client.
    The monitoring services in the client’s account can be added using Monitis API or from the client’s dashboard using the UI.

Suspended client – a client that doesn’t have any active order.