Client’s Dashboard

Clients that you add can access their dashboards using the email and password that you have provided for them in the Add Client API call.


Clients can then change their passwords from their profile in Monitis dashboard.


The dashboard of the client is a regular Monitis dashboard with the following limitations:

  • No billing data (credit cards, invoices, etc).
  • No upgrade form.
  • No buying of Load tester, Vulnerability Scan, Traceroute, additional SMS or any other one-time feature is available.
  • In case the reseller has added his own logo, the Monitis logo is replaced with the reseller’s logo in shared tabs, shared pages and email reports.
  • In case the reseller has added his own Support contact, the Monitis Support contact is replaced with the contacts of the reseller. “Live chat” and “Submit Request” buttons are then disabled.
  • In monitors from Managed orders Maintenance is disabled and they are marked as “Managed by Provider”.
  • For Managed orders monitor Settings can be open only in read-only mode. Deletion of monitors is disabled.
  • No terminate account option.
  • The features not available for the account (not included in the plan) are shown inactive.
  • 15 days trial for the new features available for regular Monitis users is not available for Clients.
  • No API key reset option.
  • No user voice feature.
  • No featured services.
  • The client’s dashboard is not reachable when the reseller hasn’t paid the invoices and all his clients/orders were suspended. It also is not reachable when the client has no active orders. The message will be shown to the client: “The account is suspended. Please contact your provider.”


Plan Details

To see his current plan (which is combination of all his active orders) the client goes to his account settings.

word image 38 - Client’s Dashboard

Under Plan Details, the client can see details of his selected order (package).

word image 39 - Client’s Dashboard

Under Services Across All Packages there are services (mostly one-time) that are not linked to any package, with totals across all packages.


Pageviews in RUM monitors

If in a given order sum of pageviews used across all Real User Monitoring (RUM) monitors linked to the order exceeds the total ordered pageviews all RUM monitors of the client linked to this order are suspended.

In the next billing cycle all RUM monitors of the order are activated again.

If the client deletes some of his RUM monitors, so that the sum of used pageviews across all RUMs in the client’s order becomes less than the sum of ordered pageviews, his RUM monitors will be automatically activated.

If the client wants to reactivate his suspended monitors before the end of the current cycle, he can move them to other active order where there are unused RUM pageviews, by using the ChangeMonitorOrder or BulkChangeMonitorOrder API command; once moved the monitors will be activated immediately.