Monitis API v2 to API v3

Switch from API version 2 to API version 3

Easily switch from API version 2 to version 3 by following the steps below.

1st Step
Change http to https

2nd Step

For all API requests, change the value of the parameter “version” from 2 to 3 (version=3)


Change the following URL, which is utilizing http and API version 2, from…****************NYHC&output=xml&version=2&acti on=testinfo&testId=4***

to…**************NYHC&output=xml&version=3&acti on=testinfo&testId=4***

3rd Step

Add the new, required parameter validation=token

Also, add a second new, required parameter “authToken”. The respective value can be obtained by making a special API GET request.

Request: &output=json



If something goes wrong, the response will be as followed:

{“error”:”Authentication failure”, “errorCode”:1}

If you followed steps 1 to 3, your final request should look something like this:**************NYHC&output=xml&version=3&acti on=testinfo&testId=4***&authToken=authtokenstring&validation=token