Alerting via Slack

Integrating Monitis alerting with Slack will post Monitis problem and recovery alerts (including Offline Agent Alerts) in a Slack channel.

Creating Slack Contact in Monitis

To integrate with Slack you need to create a Slack type contact in Monitis and define the Slack channel to post the alerts to.

If you have enabled continuous alerting in the alert rule (see Alert Rules in Alerts 2.0), every new alert will be delivered as a new message in the Slack channel.

To add a new Slack contact, in your Monitis dashboard open the Contacts window by going to Contacts -> Alerts.

Click New Contact to add a new contact.

word image 1 - Alerting via Slack

Under Contact Type select Slack.

word image 2 - Alerting via Slack

Provide a Contact name: can be anything you choose.

Select a Contact group for this contact if you want to.

Select the Time Zone.

Check the Enable sensitive alerting box if you want to be alerted even when the problem recovers faster than in 1 min.

To integrate with Slack click the Add to Slack button. This will open the Slack sign-in page in your browser.

word image 3 - Alerting via Slack

Sign-in to the Slack team that you want to set up Monitis alerting for (if you are currently signed-in to any Slack team Slack will tell you that and you can login with a single click).

You will see a screen where you need to authorize Monitis access to this team and select the channel to post the alerts to.

word image 4 - Alerting via Slack

Select the channel and click Authorize.

Back in the New Contact window you will see the team name and the channel that you have provided.

word image 5 - Alerting via Slack

Click Next to set up alerting for this contact. See Alerts in Alerts 2.0 and Alert Rules in Alerts 2.0 for information about alerts and alert rules.

word image 6 - Alerting via Slack

Click OK to finish adding the contact.

Alert Appearance in Slack Channel

Below you can see a sample format of Monitis alerts in Slack.

word image 7 - Alerting via Slack


Alert acknowledgement mechanism is not available for Slack alerts.