Alerting via JIRA

Integrating Monitis alerting with JIRA will create a JIRA issue and post to it Monitis problem and recovery alerts (including Offline Agent Alerts).

Creating JIRA Contact in Monitis

To integrate with JIRA you need to create a JIRA type contact in Monitis and define the JIRA project that you want to create issues in.

Every new alert will create a new issue in JIRA.

If you have enabled continuous alerting in the alert rule (see Alert Rules in Alerts 2.0), every new alert will update the Description field in the already opened JIRA issue.

In your Monitis dashboard open the Contacts window by going to Contacts -> Alerts.

Click New Contact to add a new contact.

Select “JIRA” as the Contact type, and provide your JIRA URL, Username and Password.

Click the Connect to JIRA button.

Monitis will now connect to JIRA. You will see then all your JIRA project keys and issue types retrieved.

Select the Project Key to specify the project in JIRA to create the Monitis issues in.

Select the Issue type for the issues to be created by Monitis.

Select the Contact group and Timezone for the contact.

Check the Enable sensitive alerting box if you want to be alerted even if the problem recovers faster than in 1 minute.

Click Next.

Select Custom Configuration (Advanced) to set up alert rules for this contact (see Alert Rules in Alerts 2.0) and receive alerts whenever a problem happens with your specified monitor(s).


Contact Confirmation

No confirmation is needed for the JIRA contact type: the contact status will be active as soon as created.


Alert Appearance in JIRA

Below you can see a sample format of Monitis alerts in JIRA.



Monitis will not post alerts to JIRA in the following cases:

  • If the issue template contains custom required fields, as we are not filling these fields.
  • If the issue type is Epic, as it contains the “Name” required field.
  • If the issue is closed manually in JIRA, with Monitis continuous alerting on the subsequent alerts will not be posted to the issue anymore, as by default it’s not possible to edit an issue when in the “Closed” state. However, if you configure it in JIRA to allow editing of closed issues (JIRA documentation link: ), the alerts will be posted.