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Offer your clients an individually branded monitoring dashboard
Add monitoring to your service offerings
Reinforce your SLA with a trusted independent 3rd party data
Improve ROI and grow your customer base

Flexible partnership options


Package and market our services to potential customers. Expand your business offerings by providing world-class monitoring solutions to your clients.


Monitis is easy to white label and deliver as your branded service. Use your own logos, custom domains, branded Support guides / manuals.


Give your users the real-time insights about their product performance and KPIs they are looking for. Embed and share Monitis directly to any environment with open APIs.

What you get with Monitis

Easy onboarding and management

Start using the system in minutes. Provide your clients ready-to-use monitoring or configure the dashboards based on your user’s needs.

Flexible billing solutions

Prepaid and postpaid payment plans with possibility to easily switch from one to another easily.

Easy to manage accounts and users

Create and manage Monitis accounts and users with individual access roles.

Real-time views, interactive charts, reports

Display the key data the way you want and extract it to create detailed reports.

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Industry benchmarking
Marketing support
Inclusion in partners list
World class support

What your clients get from Monitis?

World-class support

We speak English and German.

Integrations with industry leaders

Integrated with industry leading services to help automate operations and efficiency.

Pay as you go

Build a custom plan to fit your specific needs.

Sub-accounts and multiple users

Create sub-accounts for your team members at the access level you need.

Monitoring history

Archived performance history is stored for 2 years.

Frequent checks intervals – as short as 1 minute

Test your websites and servers as often as every minute!

Worldwide locations

More than 30 strategic monitoring locations.

Shared monitors, shared reports

If you can monitor it, now you can share it.

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