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    Get up and running in just 3 minutes. No need for installs, re-installs, updates and software management. Just login and you’re done.

    Focus on growing your business rather than handling traditional software and hardware management.

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    Monitor your Websites, Applications, Networks, Servers and more – with a single tool using a single dashboard. It’s fast, intuitive and easy to use, giving you the deep insights laser fast!

  • Proactive alerts and insightful reports

    Stay in control from anywhere 24/7. Emails, SMS, Calls, Twitter and free mobile apps – our data center will alert you even if your network is down.

  • Monitor everything – open API

    Do you have unique monitoring needs? Easily customize our monitoring platform to meet your specific needs.

  • World-class support

    Reach us via phone, email or open a ticket. Our support team speaks English and German.

What you can monitor with Monitis

Website Monitoring

A slow, unresponsive website can prove costly. Maximize your end-user experience with the combination of; Website Uptime Monitoring, Full Page Load and Synthetic Transaction Monitoring.

Server Monitoring

Protect the epicenter of your IT service with Monitis Agent-based Server/Device Monitoring, available for Windows® and Linux®; offering you a monitoring for CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, Bandwidth, TCP, etc.

Network Monitoring

Be sure that your networks are protected and tuned with Monitis agent-based monitoring, available for Windows® and Linux®; offering you a monitoring for a wide range of network devices, such as, switches, phone systems, servers, etc.

Application Monitoring

Get ready to quickly detect and resolve application issues. You can extend your application monitoring capabilities with Monitis’ plugin architecture.

Custom Monitoring

You get virtually limitless opportunities to monitor any kind of system and business metrics with our easy-to-use API, with full documentation.

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