OMREX: Monitis reveals website performance of popular brands around Valentine’s day shopping

Breakfast at Tiffany’s with One Eye on Victoria’s Secret

International Valentine’s Day Online Shoppers Find Websites in Good Condition

Tampa, Florida, February 14, 2014 - Monitis, the monitoring specialist, announced today the results of its Valentine’s Day OMREX (Online Monitis Retailer Excellence Review). The OMREX, created by Monitis using its cloud-based monitoring technology, serves as a tool for measuring website activity for retailers. Valentine’s Day has many online shoppers looking for the perfect gift and having it shipped to “that special someone.” Flowers, jewelry, and lingerie are among the favorites Valentine’s Day shoppers typically look for. And once more it is showing: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as Tiffany & Co. is the shop which delivers the best overall website performance of all internationally monitored shops followed by Victoria’s Secret.

If you’ve ever wondered where to shop for flowers online, the answer may come as surprise because it is not France, Italy or Spain. In fact, it is the US with a very impressive performance from

The OMREX findings read as follows:

Website Monitored from Uptime in % AVG in s Down in Full Page Load in s FPL-Uptime in %
Proflower US 100 0.4 0 1 100
Tiffany BR, F, GER, IT, ESP, US 99.97 0.11 1 4 99
Victoria’s Secret BR, F, GER, IT, ESP, US 98.98 0.15 48 4 97
Interflora F,IT, ESP 99.91 0.18 4 4 99
Fleurop GER 100 0.34 0 5 87
Swarowski BR, F, GER, IT, ESP, US 100 0.12 0 7 100
Flores Online (BR) BR 99.94 0.8 2 7 99

How the Valentine’s Day OMREX review was administered

Monitis began monitoring the websites of the selected shops on Monday, February 10, 2014, and maintained it throughout Thursday, February 13, 2014, so that the activities of the international online shoppers were reflected in the review. The data for the international retailers was collected from servers in various markets and thus gives us a truly international picture. Included in the Valentine’s Day 2014 OMREX are the performance values of some local brands in their local markets.

About Uptime and Full Page Monitoring

Uptime monitoring checks the availability and response time of websites, applications, cloud and hosted services. In case of outages or poor performance, system administrators can be alerted immediately to take appropriate steps.

Full page load monitoring tracks the loading times of a website from beginning to end. It also shows how long a user has to wait before the entire page is visible on their computer. The uptime values in a full page load monitoring reflect the errors that do occur while the page is being fully built.

Monitis recommends an uptime performance value of near 100% with an average uptime response of less than 500 ms. Furthermore, system administrators ought to strive for a full page load of 3 seconds or less. While some content will naturally need more time to build than others, that gap may be bridged by providing some animation in the foreground while the rest of the content downloads in the background. That way the user experience is not being hampered.


OMREX stands for Online Monitis Retailer Excellence. OMREX is a review that was originally designed to check the user experience that the websites of some of the world’s leading retailers provide during web traffic spikes. However, Monitis concluded that the review may also be applied for other events that will generate high volumes of web traffic.

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