Monitis reveals VictorOps integration into all-in-one monitoring dashboard

Seamless integration allows for more efficient incident management

Tampa, Florida, March 10, 2015 – Monitis, the application performance monitoring specialist, announced today that it has integrated the powerful incident management tool VictorOps into its monitoring suite. The new integration provides organizations and IT staff with a quicker and more efficient process for following up on time-sensitive alerts.

VictorOps streamlines the Monitis alerts so that organizations can assign and process incidents effortlessly. This ensures that the right people are alerted for issues within their problem domain through the advanced VictorOps routing.

It’s trite but true that time is money. Yet in terms of digital business, time is not a matter of hours or even minutes, but rather seconds. While monitoring solutions like Monitis supply the means to identify potential glitches before they turn into landslides, it’s critical to act immediately.

An alert may be sent to IT staff members capable of fixing an issue’s underlying problem, but they may not be at their desks when the notification is received. This is when incident management solutions can help tremendously, as they give users the capabilities to set up escalation paths so that an alert is always sent to someone who is available at their desk.

Monitis users can now connect their monitors to VictorOps so that when Monitis alerts are triggered, they will be automatically forwarded and handled according to the escalation policy assigned to the service in question. This will massively diminish the danger of belated counter measures and provide for more efficient incident processes.

For Monitis, the integration of VictorOps marks yet another very important landmark on the company’s strategic roadmap. It follows the integration of PagerDuty, another incident management system. The underlying objective is to give IT staff and system administrators the tools they need in an all-in-one dashboard right at the tip of their fingers so that their life becomes easier.

“Whether it’s Web applications, uptime or any other job in performance management, at the end of the day it all boils down to monitor, manage, master”, comments Mikayel Vardanyan, CEO at Monitis. “Yet all of a business’s efforts may fail if their alerts get lost along the way. This is why we are continuously working to close that gap. Integrating VictorOps with Monitis is yet another step to get this mission accomplished.”

More information about the VictorOps integration with Monitis is available at:

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