Monitis now available on Zapier

Easy connection with third party apps for extended monitoring automation

Tampa, Florida, April 22, 2014 – Monitis, the monitoring specialist, announced today the availability of its cloud-based technology on Zapier, a web-based service, which allows users to connect and automate over 250 apps. Monitis users can now simplify their administrative IT jobs even further and make use of the other apps, which are available on Zapier.

Zapier provides a means for one service to send a message to another in order to trigger a reaction. For instance, Monitis alerts can automatically be written as rows in a Google Docs spreadsheet created for tracking all alerts. This “living” spreadsheet could be a tremendous help in fixing an underlying problem of a faulty web based service, as well as a document to provide a snapshot view of the efficiency and quality of the service.

An alert certainly could also create an event in the user’s Google Calendar so that the user has the perfect timeline perspective to analyze what errors occurred during certain timeframes. Additionally, administrators are able to structure this new integration between Monitis and Zapier so that alerts generate a tweet to defined groups to keep them informed of specific service issues. It can also be setup to trigger an SMS message alerting a system administrator to take action regarding a certain IT problem. There are numerous use cases that can be put into practice, saving the organization time and keeping customers informed.

“The life of a system administrator will always be filled with tedious jobs,” comments Mikayel Vardanyan, Director of Operations at Monitis. “The tools and services geared towards them ought to make their life easier. Zapier provides a rich variety of apps, which do exactly that. So in a way, it was a logical step for us to make our monitoring technology available on the platform. This will leverage the benefits of our monitors as it will allow for even greater automation and thus help system administrators get their job done more easily.”

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