Monitis Launches Scenario Load Test

Combining Load Tester and Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Boosts Overall Website Predictive Capabilities

Tampa, Florida, April 21, 2015 - Monitis, the application performance monitoring specialist, today announced the availability of Scenario Load Test. This new service lets users combine Monitis’ Web Load Tester and Synthetic Transaction Monitoring so that load testing a single page with all components can now be extended by specific user scenarios and the underlying scripts that define them. As it provides insight into the performance of online Synthetic Transactions under load, Scenario Load Test enhances the predictive capabilities for system administrators, IT staff, and website operators when preparing for web traffic spikes.

A stable web page is not only a nicely built page, but one that also performs well when it is loaded with users. While a simple load test is a very precise method to measure how many concurring users a site may handle, it does not provide insight into what will happen when users execute Synthetic Transactions on a specific page. While the page may be robust enough to hold all the visitors, the Synthetic Transactions that provide revenue may not. Therefore testing under a heavy load is a valuable asset.

"Imagine an e-commerce retailer who load tests their shop and finds it is good enough to hold large volumes of visitors,” comments Lusine Khachatryan, Director of Operations and Technology at Monitis. "But then when the shopping spree begins, they find out that the purchasing process cannot cope with so many incoming orders and the database collapses. This would be a nightmare. We designed the Scenario Load Test, which tremendously enhances the scope of predictive analysis, to prevent this from happening to our users. The process is easy and with our Transaction Recorder you can record your scenario by simply navigating through your website and recording the steps. This makes the set-up almost as easy as copy and paste."

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