Monitis Launches Alerts 2.0, Provides IT Managers with Additional Insight to Focus on High Priority Items

Feature introduces new concept of thresholds to better determine the health of a monitor

Tampa, Florida, August 11, 2015 - Monitis, the application performance-monitoring specialist, today announced the availability of Alerts 2.0, which allows IT managers and system administrators to define the scope, condition and severity of triggered alerts. The new feature makes IT monitoring significantly more efficient as it helps IT staff not only understand the problem that has triggered the failure alert, but also its severity level. Alerts 2.0 provides a means for system administrators to focus on the most pressing issues.

Monitis’ Alerts 2.0 introduces a new concept of thresholds for monitoring. This concept provides IT staff with the ability to configure thresholds within in one monitor to define conditions of a problem state. When adding a new threshold, IT managers can assign a severity level of “critical” or “warning” for the problem state that the monitor will enter if the threshold is violated. This better defines the health status of the monitor and allows for proactive measures to be taken when necessary.

In combination with the possibility to determine the scope of the alerts, this can make a world of difference as IT staff can now setup thresholds for all objects or locations within one monitor. Or they can certainly also set thresholds for certain objects or locations only.

By default, all thresholds come with an availability check to make sure the monitored object is available before taking the measurements. System administrators can define the metrics combination to form the condition in the threshold’s performance element.

"One of the greatest problems of IT monitoring certainly is that it tends to generate volumes of data. Data that needs to be put in perspective," said Lusine Khachatryan, director of operations and technology at Monitis. "As not all issues come with the same level of severity, it makes sense to apply an appropriate order when you take action, and that is exactly what we address with Alerts 2.0. Alerts 2.0 not only provides IT administrators with a new capability, but also underscores Monitis’ promise to make administrators’ lives easier."

More Information about Alerts 2.0 is available at:

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