Monitis Email Round-Trip monitoring now available

Feature allows for secure checks of availability and performance of delivery process

Tampa, Florida, October 14, 2014 - Monitis, the application performance monitoring specialist, today announced the availability of Email Round-Trip Monitoring, a new feature that gives system administrators insight into the availability and performance of their email servers. The new offering checks and controls the entire email delivery and reception process, allowing system administrators to make sure that the process runs smoothly. Email Round-Trip Monitoring is available for a monthly fee of $10.

The cloud based all-in-one dashboard is easy to use and lets Monitis users select the Email Round-Trip Monitoring feature from the application monitors list, which directs them to a pop-up settings screen. System administrators then have to specify the parameters and provide a test-email address. The test emails will be sent to the server at the required interval, and the servers will send a reply email back. If the process is completed successfully from beginning to end, a confirmation will be triggered. If it’s not successful, an alert will be sent to the System Administrator. Monitis Email Round-Trip Monitoring depends on auto-forward, which has to be configured on the email server.

“Businesses expect fast and reliable email delivery processes as a primary means of communication to conduct daily activities,” said Mikayel Vardanyan, General Manager at Monitis. “It’s vital to ensure that email servers are meeting the desired availability and performance. Our Monitis Email Round-Trip Monitoring makes this possible without any hassle or effort from the system administrators.”

Email correspondence has grown over the past four years, and analysts are expecting that there will be nearly 4.1 billion worldwide email accounts by the end of 2015. In fact, new research1 shows that:

  • 25% of the email accounts worldwide are corporate
  • The average corporate email account sends and receives around 120 emails per day
    • 81 emails received and 39 emails sent per day on average

The study credits this growth to the advancement of cloud based email services, like Monitis. With Monitis’ Email Round Trip Monitoring, businesses are able to ensure their email servers are working efficiently, without causing any disruption to their daily activities.

The Email Round-Trip Monitoring service adds to Monitis’ recently expanded suite of features available to system administrators, including Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Log Monitor. With the addition of RUM, system administrators and website operators can see exactly what their site visitors are experiencing. Log Monitor allows users to monitor any type of log files, which boosts the server and application monitoring capabilities of Monitis. These new features give users the ability to customize their own monitoring program through Monitis to create a fully functional service for their business.

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