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Do online customers really get the best deal?

Online Monitis retailer excellence review examines user orientation of international e-commerce websites

Clearwater, FL/USA, December 12, 2013 – E-Commerce is always about the best deal. But there is more to a good shopping experience than the best price. When it comes to online shopping the question is also whether the global systems administrator community has done their homework: How about issues like website availability, response time, or full page load? The monitoring specialist Monitis wants to shed some light on that and designed the Online Monitis Retailer Excellence review (OMREX). OMREX will be first administered during this Christmas season and takes a look at some of the world’s leading online retailers.

Have organizations such as Amazon and the likes prepared for the evident run ontheir online shops during this season? OMREX 2013 aims at providing meaningful answers to this question. The review will be conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Germany. As of now through January 7, 2014, Monitis will use its cloud-based monitors to collect the necessary data for OMREX 2013.

Reliable Picture From Users’ Perspective

“We are looking at some renowned retailers worldwide to investigate whether their online performance can live up to the expectations customers associate with their name”, comments Mikayel Vardanyan, CTO at Monitis. “Our cloud-based agents in more than 30 countries allow us to measure online performance from the customers’ perspective.”

The Monitis social media team will put the results into perspective via Facebook and Twitter (#OMREX).

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