New add - on integrates monitis into WHMCS suite

Advanced monitoring technology complements billing and automation services

Tampa, Florida, April 2, 2014 - Monitis, the monitoring specialist, announced today the availability of an add-on for the WHMCS suite. WHMCS is a leading provider of billing and automation services for web hosts. WHMCS clients now have the ability to completely automate their own monitoring needs plus the opportunity to set up and resell the Monitis technology out of their WHMCS accounts opening new sales doors and unlocking a path to new revenues. The add-on is available now and works for WHMCS v5.1.2 or higher.

Typically, WHMCS clients include web hosting companies, resellers, or IT service providers, which offer online services to their clients. These organizations use the WHMCS software to process their billing and invoicing.

The new Monitis add-on seamlessly integrates into the WHMCS suite to enable powerful monitoring automation and management. This way, WHMCS users quickly automate the configuration and establishment of the monitors for the services they are selling to their clients and effortlessly handle the billing process at the same time. This assures improved service quality and provides the opportunity for additional revenues.

“WHMCS is happy to see companies like Monitis extending the functionality of the product through our API”, says Matt Pugh, CEO of WHMCS. “Extending functionality of WHMCS through module development and advanced use of our API provides developers and clients the ability to increase custom satisfaction, add new features, and differentiate their brand.”

“Every web-based business needs a monitoring solution to protect its business,” comments Mikayel Vardanyan, Director of Operations at Monitis. “So it is only natural that organizations who provide a backbone supporting numerous web based businesses around the world have the ability to supply an advanced and refined monitoring solution for their clients.”

“The value and quality of any given web service hinges on its performance,” stresses Vardanyan. “And the bottom line is, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. We are thrilled about this add-on for a top-notch service provider like WHMCS. Even more so since it is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate how flexibly we can integrate and adapt our monitors through our API into any given platform.”

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