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    Welcome to a whole new revenue stream! Let us help you create recurring revenues, improve client retention and grow your business.

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Monitis is the premier all-in-one web application monitoring solution from the cloud that’s a fast and easy way to grow your business and deliver the performance you have promised by leaving the confines of software-based monitoring solutions!

It’s fast, intuitive and easy to use, giving you the deep insights laser fast!

Boost your ROI

Avoid profit-killing problems such as poor site performance or outages. Make sure all critical steps and transactions in your business work on their best.

Deliver the SLA promised

Oversee SLA, Performance, Profit streams and more–all of this in our easy-to-use dashboard and through customized reports via email.

Be the first to know

Get instant alerts via email, SMS, Twitter or mobile apps, when something is wrong. Our data center will alert you, even if your network is down.

The mission critical monitoring features top service providers need.

Branded reporting

Brand your Monitis pages with your company’s logo or easily host your shared pages under your company’s domain, emphasizing your high service standards for your customers and rapidly raise your SEO ranking with dynamic pages under your own domain.

Build a plan that will easily fit the specific needs of your various customers. Pay for what you’ll actually use, starting as low as USD 12/month.

Sub-accounts and multiple users

Enjoy the benefits of our flexible sub-accounts that allow you to share and assign multiple and diverse access levels and visibility for your clients.

What our clients say

What is really nice is that the provided services are useful for our decision makers as well as our technical personnel. Now we have a much clearer understanding of our servers’ performance on a daily basis. Moreover, the downtime reporting mechanism is doing a really great job. We have tuned our server configuration and reached 99 percent uptime level. This service is the best.

Karen Bdoyan

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