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Monitis is the premier end-to-end web monitoring solution from the cloud to monitor not only your website uptime, but also your entire IT infrastructure.

Tell your IT guys to quickly set it up and get the total visibility you need to understand the most critical information about your business. SLAs, Performance, Profit streams and more – all of this in our easy-to-use dashboard and through customized reports that get delivered straight in your inbox.

Boost your ROI

Avoid profit-killing problems such as poor site performance or outages. Make sure all critical steps and transactions in your business work on their best.

Improve uptime

Tune web, server and cloud applications, so they always run at peak performance. Make sure your website is up in the markets of your customers.

Cut costs

Say goodbye to software and hardware purchases and maintenance. Save time and money by using the hosted monitoring of Monitis.

Expand your client base

Leave the confines of software-based monitoring tools. Increase profits by focusing on the things that help grow your business.

Monitis monitor tools

The mission – critical monitoring combination top business experts use

Check the availability of your websites from more than 30 major markets worldwide. Start at quick 1-minute intervals.

Discover how long it takes to load a complete HTML page in real browsers. Take a closer look at the individual loading times of each website component.

Check all your mission-critical web and application transactions, and get alerting when features don’t work as required. Make sure there are no issues on your website that can turn visitors away, never to return.

What our clients say

Monitis provides the tools to monitor all of our virtual machines 24/7, it’s like the support engineer that we don’t have. Since I don’t have the time to keep an eye on all of our servers, all of the time, Monitis’ monitors warn me if any of our machines needs attention. Be it a problem with CPU, memory or a website that’s down.

Geert Leysen
Proximity BBDO Belgium

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