Frequently Asked Questions

Can I currently run a scan of all the computers on the domain, receive a part of the information, and put it in a database?

No. Currently you can’t do that. You can check the installed software on Windows or Linux machines where you have installed an agent by our Process monitor.

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Do I have to install the agent on every computer for internal monitoring to work?

Will data load only if it exceeds the thresholds that I’ve set (e.g. if the CPU exceeds 50%)?

What are the free and page size limits on the Memory Monitor?

What items can be monitored on a server?

What Operating Systems are supported for Server/Device monitoring?

Does checking CPU usage and storage for 1 internal server require 2 Server/Device monitors?

Is the agent compatible with Windows server 2012 R2 64b?

How much load do the agents create on a server?

Can I be alerted if my database grows to a certain size?

What if there’s a packet or something stuck in the network connection? Can we have an alert sent for that?

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