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    Get API key

    Short Description

    Using this action you can get apikey by providing userName and password. Apikey is mandatory both in POST and GET requsests.

    Request Method


    Request specific parameters

    Parameter Name Value Type Value
    action * string apikey
    userName * string An e-mail of a registered user which acts as a username.
    password * string User's password encrypted with SHA-256 algorithm.
    * - Required fields

    Request Example

    URL: https://api.monitis.com/api?action=apikey&userName=someAccount%40gmail.com&password=MonitisPassencrypted&output=xml&version=3

    You can find more info about output, version here.

    Response Example

    if output=xml

    if output=json

    Response fields

    Parameter Name Value Type Value
    apikey string User's apikey.
    secretkey string User's secretkey.