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Hotelcard Selects Monitis All-In-One Suite

Hotelcard is all about promoting tourism in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Germany:
The Swiss-based company offers its customers a half-price subscription model in a credit card format.

Virtually every business today has a website, an e-commerce plan and a strong focus on their digital appearance. In some businesses this is an important, put secondary, part of their sales and marketing, but in the case of Hotelcard it is raised to a supreme level of criticality. Hotelcard relies exclusively on their website to attract customers, book sales and attract their ever growing list of participating hotels.
If the website is down, business is down, so keeping the website up is a key objective for the tech staff.

Ease of Use and Accessibility Promote Decision

Hotelcard’s website represents its only sales channel. Clients purchase the card online and have it shipped to their home. They can then use it to claim their discount at any one of the participating hotels. Alternatively, they can make a reservation online and immediately receive the discount. Either way: “If the website does not work properly, things get stressful,” as the technical leader Norbert Toth puts it.

Toth is in charge of website development and maintenance. This includes incoming issues and tickets. When issues arise, Toth needs to act fast to find a good solution for the problems at hand so that they do not become serious.This makes having a comprehensive monitoring approach a must.

“The main thing we were looking for was the ability to reach it from anywhere. We did not just want to use different solutions. Instead, we were looking for one service that met all of our requirements in one place.”

Norbert Toth
Technical leader

Finding the right service was particularly critical since monitoring can easily turn into an extremely data intensive job. Toth and his team selected Monitis because it met the criteria they required. Hotelcard relies on Monitis to monitor the server and the service by checking uptime, page load results, and the DNS status. “Monitis helps us get live information about our system,” explains Toth. “The alert emails keep us up to date, and we can immediately do what it takes to keep our system running.” Monitis is so quick that Toth and his team are able to act right away to prevent nearly any issue from becoming a serious problem.

Toth has more than ten years of experience as a system administrator so he tends to know where the pain points of the site are located. When he receives a Monitis alert, he knows where to look without even having to log on to his dashboard. Yet when he needs more detailed information, he – or his team – can log on to the dashboard from anywhere at any time, which allows the tech staff to drill down and quickly resolve issues.

After a recent server migration, DNS monitoring plays an important role for Hotelcard, because the danger of the IP address not resolving to the right name became greater in the wake of this move:

“With Monitis, we can now document every little outage to our provider,” underscores Toth, adding “This certainly puts us in a better position when it comes to enforcing the SLAs we have with our provider.”

Norbert Toth
Technical leader

Hotelcard had experience with other solutions, but since Monitis meets the organization’s needs better than any other competitive product, the tech staff decided to work only with Monitis. One of the key factors that helped Hotelcard choose Monitis was the ease of use of the all-in-one solution. “It is flexible, easy to set up, and the reporting is very useful,” recounts Toth. “The support was knowledgeable and answered our questions quickly and clearly.”

Such assets are particularly useful during times of intense business, as is the case during the Christmas season. “Things are almost insane then,” says Toth. “Everything is so intense that we do not make any changes on our site because it may get us into serious trouble if something goes wrong.” On the other hand, the tech staff can set up additional monitors effortlessly if they have to. “With Monitis, it all happens in just a matter of minutes.

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