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Bittylicious Ensures Smooth Transactions

Bittylicious is the premier site for buying and selling a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins, for government backed currencies.

Bitcoins continue to gain interest from merchants and consumers since its release in 2009. In June 2013, Bittylicious was created to provide a faster way to purchase Bitcoins by utilizing UK's inter-bank transfer protocol. Anyone with a Euro bank account can quickly purchase Bitcoins in small or large quantities. In addition to speed, its service focuses on three core attributes: ease of use, security and great customer service. Since its launch, Bittylicious has expanded into the EU, and now allows users from any location to use its service.

Bittylicious monitors their e-commerce site transaction path to make sure their website is up and keep their guarantee to their customers.

Creating a Fast and Secure Platform

As an e-commerce site, Bittylicious’ Founder and CEO Marc Warne knew that in order to create a successful online platform that helps everyday and busy people buy Bitcoins quickly, without jumping through unnecessary hoops, every part of the transaction had to be seamless. Based on previous experience, Warne immediately turned to Monitis, an advanced all-in-one monitoring cloud-based solution, to monitor the e-commerce site and ensure end user satisfaction.

Even when a website is up and running, there’s always a risk that specific pages within it, such as shopping carts and registration pages, may not be functioning properly. With the ability to simulate an end user’s interaction with the website and achieve a level of continuous monitoring of web and application transactions, the Bittylicious team can focus on its product and customer service rather than the website.

“Monitis's Synthetic Transaction Monitoring serves a very useful purpose in terms of regression testing; websites changes are automatically tested to ensure that existing behaviour is not affected adversely, saving time and ensuring consistency going forwards.”

Marc Warne
Founder and CEO

Plus, the team is able to receive automatic alerts via email, SMS, Twitter or phone, when any one step in the online process stops working correctly – giving them an added piece of mind when they leave the office. These alerts may mean serious money. With the guarantee of a full refund if a payment takes longer than two hours, Bittylicious always needs full insight into what is going on behind the scenes.

“As a company that is built on speed and security, it is critical that we have the necessary tools to monitor our website properly,” says Marc Warne, founder and CEO, Bittylicious. “My previous experience with Monitis’ all-on-one monitoring solution was extremely positive, making it an easy choice when it came to picking a Synthetic Transaction Monitoring tool that could help us monitor Bittylicious and keep our guarantee to our customers.”

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