Monitis' all-in-one application allows us to monitor our servers 24/7 to ensure everything runs smoothly. The cloud-based application is convenient and easy to use and it allows us to check our data anywhere and at any time.

Matthew Larner

We're absolutely in love with Real User Monitoring. It has a full set of mission-critical metrics and it’s a perfect tool for looking at your service through your users’ eyes, no matter where they are coming from.

Vahe Hakobyan

Monitis helps us get live information about our system. The alert emails keep us up to date, and we can immediately do what it takes to keep our system running.

Norbert Toth
Hotel Card

I've been very suprised by amazing and responsive UI, great functionality, and a good corresponding price. Therefore I've recommended Monitis as a monitoring solution for my networking department.

Jan Janovic

Since any site involving cryptocurrencies changes rapidly, Monitis's Synthetic Transaction Monitoring serves a very useful purpose in terms of regression testing; websites changes are automatically tested to ensure that existing behaviour is not affected adversely, saving time and ensuring consistency going forwards.

Marc Warne

Monitis's Synthetic Transaction Monitoring capabilities provide an additional layer of granular monitoring by allowing us to automatically simulate the end-user experience and report back when online processes fail.

Robert Burko
Elite Email

I absolutely love Monitis mobile - it’s a fast way to get alerts and quickly see the unreachable locations and servers. It has saved lots of time and efforts on several occasions.

Anthony Fernandes
The AppleTree Group

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