Zend Developing Apps for Multiple Clouds

Zend Technologies, in one of the latest example of developers flocking to the cloud, has created an open source API for fashioning PHP apps that float on multiple clouds. It’s called the Simple API for Cloud Application Services, and Zend’s idea is to provide a single programming tool for file storage, a database for documents, simple queue, and other application services.

Zend says it won’t be exclusive, either, and will offer apps by Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft and others. In fact, Zend’s co-founding contributors include Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace and two other cloud outfits, Nirvanix and GoGrid.

“This project allows developers to get all of the scalability and high-availability and other advantages of the cloud while maintaining portability,” Zend’s project manager Wil Sinclair, said in the recent article.

Bravo to Zend and other cloud app developers who are helping to lead and create an unbiased cloud revolution. Read more about multiple clouds computing here.

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