Windows Service Monitoring With Monitis


Now you can have complete monitoring of Microsoft Windows services, such as;  Exchange Server, SharePoint services, MSSQL services, DHCP services and more.  With this new service you will be able to monitor the condition of every Windows service (Exchange, DHCP, IIS, etc) and will know whether they are running or whether they have stopped.




Implementing effective Windows service monitoring will offer the following benefits:


  1. Increased server, services, and application availability
  2. Fast detection of network outages
  3. Fast detection of any failed service


Below is a short list of some of the Windows services. We are sure you can understand the value of monitoring these critical services within your company’s operations. The last thing you want is a major service being down and you aren’t aware of it until your users start complaining and screaming at you.


Adobe Active File Monitor, Adobe LM Service, Application Layer Gateway Service, Ati HotKey Poller
Automatic Updates, Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Bluetooth Service, Cisco Systems, VPN Service, COM+ Event System, Computer Browser, Cryptographic Services, DCOM Server, Process Launcher, DHCP Client, Distributed Link Tracking Client, DNS Client, Error Reporting Service, Event Log, FTP Publishing, Help and Support, HID Input Service, HP WMI Interface,
IIS Admin, Infrared Monitor, Logical Disk Manager, Machine Debug Manager, Microsoft Search


And this is just a snapshot of the critical Windows services that we all expect are always running in the background. Don’t rely on that assumption anymore. Be proactive in your monitoring of all of this just like you are with the rest of your network. It only takes one critical service going down on a server and the company’s productivity will quickly grind to a halt.


The set up of this on your dashboard is quick and easy. You can get specific setup instructions by clicking here. In the screen below is a sample of the user friendly setup process.


Windows Service Monitoring With Monitis



Once a Windows Service monitor is set up it will appear on your dashboard and will update you with the current status every 5 minutes so that you have a running view of the status of the service you decide to keep an eye on. As with all monitors you also have the ability to set up detailed and specific alerts so that whether you are in the office or away you will know when something has gone wrong. The image below is a typical Service Monitor set up to keep an eye on your TeamViewer service.


windows service monitoring


Make sure you take advantage of this new service and activate it today.


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