Why You Should Use a Cloud Based Monitoring Solution

Why You Should Use a Cloud Based Monitoring SolutionIn the world of real estate the key words are; location, location and location. In the world of IT the keys words are; monitor, monitor and monitor. The greatest advantage you can have in any business is knowing what is happening and this is especially true when it comes to your; website, servers and IT in total. It is critical that you know what is happening, what is working at optimum level and what is starting to show trouble. And the best way to monitor all of this is with a cloud based system that remotely checks, checks and re-checks everything for you. The main reasons for implementing a cloud based monitoring architecture are,


Quick and Easy to Start


To start Cloud-based monitoring is quick and easy and in most cases only takes a few minutes to get started. There is no hardware to purchase, no software is required, no firewall manipulation and no additional infrastructure. Realistically, you can go from having zero visibility of your network to dynamic and complete oversight very fast.




There are many potential suppliers in the market and at first glance it may seem intimidating trying to select the best. As you move through your analysis of them you need to continually keep in mind two major areas; can they supply you with all the monitoring you need and can you build a monitoring system that matches your needs specifically and the associated cost is just as specific. Make sure that the supplier you select can monitor; your websites uptime, transactions, load handling capabilities, server performance, networks, end user experience, applications, and has an api that will allow you to customize to some of your special needs. Once you have accomplished this then take a look at the pricing options. With a valued supplier you will see that there are both standard “package” pricing as well as a “build your own” plan. This will allow you to just pay for what you really need. With these options you can start as small as you need and then as your needs grow you simply expand your suppliers monitoring responsibilities. It is both pay as you go and pay as you grow. You also need to be cautious of the fact that there are some “cheap” suppliers out there but remember the old saying is very true here too – you get what you pay for. You don’t have to pay excessive amounts to get a solid service but in virtually all cases if you shop by price alone you will be sadly disappointed in the long run.


Easy maintenance


Using a cloud-based monitoring solution allows you to relax and stay focused on your other important work. You can rest assured that the monitoring system is watching everything your defined it to watch and will alert you as per the performance thresholds you have set. You have no hardware to maintain, no software to upgrade and no additional overhead to be concerned about. As you are in a cloud based solution you can make better use of your existing network and can free up time to be doing other important work.


Easy Access


Cloud based monitoring ensures you will always know exactly what is going on, how your network is performing and can even be a tool for you to generate additional or new revenues. In addition to performance alerts that automatically send you emails, text messages or if you wish telephone calls – with cloud based monitoring you can log into your monitoring dashboard right from your mobile device, giving you the ability to observe your networks performance from virtually anywhere in the world at any time.


Come join us and experience the power of our all in one monitoring system. Sign up now, let us do the monitoring for you and let your tomorrows be more informed and more relaxed.