Why You Must Have Mail Server Monitoring

Is your email server online and operating at optimum level? This question is, sadly, not asked and answered often enough. Email is a huge part of every business’ communication stream, both internal and to and from customers. It is a critical flow of information back and forth that if it fails can have a hugely detrimental impact on any business. I find it amazing that some people even say that email is a communication media that is not nearly as important as it once was, because of  social media impacts such as Facebook and Twitter. But the numbers don’t nearly support this kind of thinking.


email server monitoring


And the numbers above include all accounts, both personal and business. When we isolate this down to just business emails the numbers demonstrate an even greater divide and thus demonstrate an even clearer view of how critical your email is to your business. According to the latest report issued by the Radicati Group,the average business person receives 88 emails every day and over the next 3 years this will grow to nearly 100 per day.


Clearly email is still, and will be for a long time, a critical service. As such, you need to be monitoring and testing your email server and service all the time. By doing this you will eliminate any email delay that can slow down your business and harm its reputation. Monitis Mail Server monitoring provides uptime, end-to-end, round-trip email server monitoring to test your mail server responsiveness and identify any outage that occurs in your email delivery process. To do this for you we have 4 monitors within the mail server package; SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and ERT (email round trip).


SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the internet protocol for electronic mail delivery. The vast majority of mail servers today use this protocol for sending and receiving emails. Every time you send an email, the email client interacts with the SMTP server. Your SMTP server will “handshake” with the receivers server to confirm everything and send your email. If for some reason this handshake is not successful then the email will not be sent and you will receive and alert to inform you. With our SMTP monitor we run these tests for you all the time so that you can be assured that your SMTP server is in fact doing what it is supposed to be doing all the time. Our SMTP key features are:


  • Test the availability and response time of your outgoing (SMTP) mail server
  • Instant alerts on your mobile phone, email, SMS, Live voice
  • Multiple worldwide checkpoints
  • Failure status report


IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol monitoring is done to check your incoming mail servers. Our remote testing will verify that the IMAP server provides IMAP email retrieval properly and your SSL/TLS certificates are performing well from multiple locations around the world. Key features of this monitor include:


  • Alerts about any failure of the server
  • Reduces the risk of business interruptions and revenue loss


POP3 – Post Office Protocol version 3 is another way of retrieving emails. With our POP3 monitor ou can test your POP3 mail server availability with our POP3 Monitoring and see any error messages raised by your mail exchange server. Key features include:


  • Monitor your outgoing mail server around the clock – 24/7
  • Reduce the risk of business interruptions and revenue loss


ETR – Email Round Trip is a service that fully and continuously tests your emails performance. Monitis Email Round-Trip Monitoring simulates the complete email delivery processes and detects any mail issue you may face. We send test emails, both SMTP for outbound and POP3/IMAP for inbound accounts to your server to test the efficiency of mail server system. The key features are:


  • End-to-end testing of incoming (IMAP, POP3) and outgoing emails (SMTP)
  • No costly IT implementations required
  • Performance reports down to 1 minute
  • Including MX record


As you can see, email is a vital and critical service and can easily and efficiently tested and monitored. There is no excuse not to be tending to this and resting assured that all your correspondences get through and get through quickly.