Why is a Global Monitoring Network a good thing?

Network monitoring is fast becoming one of the most time consuming, yet important jobs for the IT professional. Anytime a website is down, or applications on the site are not working properly, means the potential for lost time and money, In today’s competitive environment, uptime is key. This is why monitoring solutions have become such a prime focus of the IT professional.


With the increased focus on the ability to automate monitoring and troubleshoot remotely, global monitoring networks are becoming a more attractive solution for a variety of businesses and organizations.


What are Global Monitoring Networks?


A global monitoring network is a network in which web activity, transactions, data, uptime and so on are monitored remotely by different applications, located in different areas internationally. These are remote systems and there is no software to install. The systems can be managed by authorized personnel anytime, from anywhere, including mobile devices.


From HTTP, DNS, SSL, and other network security checks, to basic checks of application functioning within the site, global monitoring networks cover all areas of network and site functionality.


With multiple checkpoints internationally, you can see your site how users from anywhere in the globe see it by tapping into the closest checkpoint monitoring location. Many global monitoring network providers have partnered with a huge number of companies around the world to provide an ever-expanded list of monitoring checkpoint locations.


What are the Benefits?


There are far less vulnerabilities inherent in a global monitoring network. With applications and monitoring services located all over the world, a region-specific weather event or other natural disaster will not effect the functionality of the monitoring system. There is no software to install and to programs to maintain, all of the applications are provided remotely, generally via cloud-based server solutions.


Information technology professionals are alerted to problems immediately with global monitoring networks. As regular checks are performed automatically, there is no need for an IT professional to be constantly physically present to monitor the network. Alerts are sent to the appropriate contacts in the event of a potential issue on the site. These messages are delivered via email, phone or SMS.


The analytics tools that are included with most global monitoring networks are also highly beneficial. These analytics provide in-depth information about the users who visit your site, as well as how they use and navigate the site. This can help the IT professional to better streamline the site interface and functionality so as to provide a better experience for the user.


Who Uses Global Monitoring Networks?


Global monitoring networks are utilized by businesses large and small to manage and oversee their web-based operations remotely. These networks have also proven to be incredibly beneficial for governments, weather services, environmental organizations, educational institutions and more. These global monitoring networks give them the ability monitor and maintain accurate records, troubleshoot, streamline, manage and more.


In an increasingly global and mobile-driven world, global monitoring networks make perfect sense. They provide the ability to remotely manage network and site operations from anytime, anywhere.


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