What Makes Monitis Agent Different?

Many systems management software vendors provide agents for distributed monitoring. These are vendors which provide traditional installable software and some later provide software for software as a service (SaaS) option. We at Monitis made our agent with SaaS model by design. Particularly we understand that there is always a natural resistance to download and install an additional software, so we make the agent deployment process as easy as possible. What makes our agent truly unique? First of all, it is using client initiated HTTPs protocol to communicate with the Monitis Central Server. Benefits: you can install agents on every device which is connected to the Internet, even if it is behind firewall. Nothing should be changed in your firewall settings. Agents can be up and running within minutes (see How Internal Monitoring Works post). Second, Monitis agents are fully controllable from the Web, so once you installed agents, you can manage them centrally and without accessing the devices. You can automatically deploy multiple agents and then configure them all from the Web interface. With policy tools you can also change parameters for multiple agents promptly. It makes agent maintenance easy especially in really large and distributed IT infrastructures.Third, Monitis agent is self-updating allowing quickly deployment of agent new version without any overhead and benefiting from newly introduced features. Finally, Monitis provides single agent for all supported functions – performance, configuration management and automatic recover. No need to install additional agents or plugins. Monitis provides agents for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. FreeBSD and Apple versions will also be available soon.

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