Website Monitoring Equals Revenue Protection

eagle_chartIt is summer time and thoughts naturally turn to dreams of your upcoming vacation. Going to the beach and laying on the sand after frolicking in the waves. Or maybe a trip to the mountains for some quiet and peaceful fishing. You have been working hard all year and deserve the rest, the break from the stress and the routine. But remember that even though you deserve a vacation your network doesn’t get a vacation. It needs to be working 24 hours a day every day of the  year. And if it isn’t your staff had better know about it fast. Since they can’t always be looking at your website, you need the best monitoring system to do it for you.


With a properly designed and deployed cloud based network monitoring system you can rest assured that the network and business are protected and running at optimum levels. Without monitoring you leave yourself exposed to a potential catastrophe. Vacation or not just imagine the impacts to the business if your site crashes and nobody even realizes it.  Your customers get frustrated, angry and aren’t making purchases. Revenues take an immediate dip and sadly, some customers will be gone and never return. It is amazing how just a single website failure of a few hours can hurt profits surprisingly hard and to the tune of a 5% to 9% loss, if not more.  For sure when your boss finds out the site was down for hours and nobody knew until some client called in complaining, he will be looking for answers and retribution. For sure you don’t want that angry call finding you while you are on vacation.


So before you pack your bags and fly away make sure you attended to putting in place a monitoring system that protects the business and lets you relax knowing that your staff will get virtually instant notification whenever there is a trouble. We can monitor everything in the list below for you and we make it simple.



And the best part is that you can enter the amazing world of secure Cloud based monitoring quickly, easily and for free. Just a few clicks and a few minutes and you will be up and running. Get the power of Monitor.US and relax knowing we are watching over everything for you. Click here and get started today. Welcome to the world of monitoring and enjoy your vacation!


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