Web Applications Monitoring Best Practices: Transactions Monitoring

Orders, not errors, are what you want from your new ecommerce website. Keeping customers happy and product/service requests rolling in is easy to do with Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Services. With Monitis Transaction Monitoring in the Cloud, there can be constant monitoring done on simulated transactions on websites. It’s ideally used for ecommerce enabled sites and for online banks and other service providers.

With Monitis, you keep track of the usual steps (search, purchase, order tracking, etc.) that users take to finish transactions on your site. Monitis can also assist in writing scenarios free of charge. The steps can then be simulated regularly. If these steps are not finished, which means there’s an issue, then you or the support staff will be informed right away and the corrections can be done. This really helps if the site is using third party services for ordering processes, like processing credit cards or doing real time shipping calculations.