Web Applications Load Tester



An industry leading Load Tester tool just got easier to use! And like all tools it should be; designed for the job you need it to do, be readily available, easy to use and provide you quick and easy to understand reports.  The improved Monitis Load tester does all of this. It is now accessible directly on your dashboard with a simple click, has updated reports and automatically generates and enters the URLs right into the template box.




Knowing your website and applications are up and running is great but it is just the beginning. Before you sit back and relax you should be asking yourself the question, “How will my web application respond as the traffic demands increase?” It is always a good thing to see your traffic levels increasing but you need to be prepared to handle this and the only way to know for sure is to simulate the traffic, simulate the demands and stress your web application and then review the results. By doing this you have real information in hand and can see your strong areas, your weak areas and what your load carrying capability is. This information is like an insurance policy to you because now you can respond to the future… as strange as that may sound it is true. You are responding to the future loads and demands that will be seen by you so now you can be prepared.


You can stress your website and see your defined threshold of simultaneous connections and the associated impact on the quality of service your visitors will experience.  Web application developers will like to take advantage of the ability to load the simulated demands on their applications and thus assure themselves that they have a system that will operate at optimum performance levels.  And to make sure the tool is of the greatest value to you it addresses your needs in; HTTP and HTTPS.


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