Virtually Mad About Virtualization

New numbers are in, and they show that companies and organizations are taking to virtualization the way green does to grass.

A survey of 150 IT and networking pros at Interop 2010 in Las Vegas, conducted by the Merritt Group, reveals that virtualization is being used in branch offices and data centers alike and that companies prefer industry-standard servers versus proprietary networking appliances or routers to make their virtualized services and apps run.

Here’s what the study, sponsored by a company that specializes in application delivery networking, says:

  • 59% use virtualization tech in their branch offices;
  • More than three-quarters (76%) have deployed virtualization in their data centers;
  • 44% not currently using virtualization in their branch offices plan to deploy it this year, while 81% of those already deploying virtualization in satellite offices plan to extend their plans this year.
  • 82% prefer industry standard servers as the platform of choice for virtualized services and applications in the branch office.

Deployment of virtualization has come a long way, as this latest survey proves. Yet you should be choosy about what kind of apps you put into virtual capacity because it’s not road-tested as much as a company’s own data centers and networks.

However, if you do decide to take advantage of cloud resources, it’s comforting to know that there are services such as data and network monitoring, all done from the cloud, which will alert you to potential security breaches or failures.