Virtual Goals Need Protection

Virtual Goals Need ProtectionA new survey, the 2010 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Survey, has some very revealing and interesting findings that I’d like to share with you. The survey polled IT pros from 200 organizations about their use of virtualization and cloud computing. Respondents said security was their major concern. But flexibility and hardware savings were the major reasons why companies chose to use virtualization.

Here are some other major findings:

  • 41% prefer to deploy servers virtually, and 29% indicated they used virtualization whenever possible;
  • 65% said their #1 goal with regards to virtual infrastructure was cost savings;
  • 71% prefer to use tools that manage all infrastructure rather than solutions that were virtualization-specific;
  • Although it may seem like paving the cow path, most virtualization users don’t utilize automation. In managing their virtual environments,  only 39% automate the starting and stopping of virtual machines based on operational conditions;
  • Nearly three quarters haven’t made a decision on their virtualization management solution;
  • 26% said they expect to deploy hosted data services;
  • 44% of respondents said they plan to utilize Amazon tools for virtualization, while 28% involve the Google App Engine.

A few numbers jumped out at me here: the combined 70% who deploy virtualized servers either all the time or sometimes, and the nearly two-thirds whose number #1 goal for virtualization is cost savings.   With so many organizations deploying virtualization, and with so many depending on the technology to save money, it’s no wonder that more and more are coming to rely on solutions that remotely check physical and virtual server availability and performance — with no firewall issues to get in the way.

And rightly so, respondents to this poll know that their investment in virtualization will bring cost savings. But that investment needs to be protected by fail-safe monitoring.  Unlike competing products, Monitis’s server monitoring can notify IT staff of a brewing or existing problem even when networks are down.

My advice: if you’re increasing your activity and investment in virtualization, be sure, too, to protect that investment in cloud-based monitoring services.

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