Verelo: An Honest & Admirable Way to Close

It’s with sadness that we read of the demise of one of our competitors – Verelo.  Founder Andrew McGrath has taken the brave decision to close down Verelo and return money to investors.  We, at Monitis, admire this honest, respectful approach.

We don’t know Averelondrew and his team personally, but we imagine they’re engaged in the same passion as us, ensuring web & cloud sites & applications perform as well as they can.  This is what drives us on and its people like Andrew who relentlessly focus on high performance web & cloud that make the internet a better place.

We wish Andrew and his team well with their future, and if Verelo users are interested, Monitis has all-in-one IT system monitoring plan, that’s completely free! Go ahead, check it yourself:)

Monitis is all-in-one web and cloud system monitoring service. Monitis gives businesses access to leading-edge availability and performance monitoring within one easy-to-use dashboard.


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