Updates: May 2009

External Monitoring

  • “User Agent” of external checks can be defined from Options, which will help to identify and filter requests from external monitoring probes in the logs. In some cases it will help to set up the User Agent the way which results in the correct response of the particular website.
  • Calendar is added to the external monitors so it is more convenient to browser older data
  • Embeddable public widget is added which allows to put it on your website
  • Public report option is added, which provides a link to show your report to your visitors
  • Improvements related to Maintenance Scheduling
  • Possibility of selecting Australian location from the notification rules
  • Possibility to deselect US location when adding new monitor and in the notification rules

Internal Monitoring

  • Weekly reports will be sent every week showing statistics related to internal monitors
  • “Agent is not running” alert can be set up from the Options in order to receive warning notifications in case something is wrong with connection between the monitored server and Monitis Central Server.


  • Launch of new portal
  • New type of monitoring is introduced namely – Amazon EC2 instance monitoring

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