Updates: March 2009

External Monitoring

  • Help icons in the “Add Monitor” pop up with clarifications of each field(new feature)
  • Tag as combo box in the “Add Monitor” pop up in order to show all previously added tags(improvement)
  • Possibility of maintenance date/time specification from the “Add Monitor” pop up in order to prevent checks during that interval(new feature)
  • Possibility to add/change/remove maintenance date/time periods in edit mode of each monitor(new feature)
  • Downtime duration above the chart of each monitor(new feature)
  • New option for weekly reports to include also charts(new feature)

Internal Monitoring

  • New plug in-based Windows agent(improvement)
  • Possibility to monitor Windows system events
  • Possibility to monitor Installed Software on Windows machines
  • Some descriptions in Add Agent popup related to thresholds
  • Reports for internal monitors(new feature)


  • No reload of table in My Monitor after every selection(improvement)
  • Alerts History which shows the last alerts sent to your contact(s) (new feature)
  • Invoice generation possibility for the payment made
  • Firefox plugin for Monitis(Monifox)
  • Top 10 views devices by CPU, Load, Memory, Drive(new feature)
  • Top 10 views websites by Response time(new feature)

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