Tweet your site’s uptime, and other new features in Monitis

We’ve been hard at work adding commonly requested features to Monitis. These most recent updates include enhanced notification, reporting, and API features.
1. URL Callback – Until now you could add an email address, phone number or IM screen name to receive alerts. Now you can provide a custom callback URL which will be called when there are failures. You can analyze the alert on your side or make it interface with your ticketing system.


2. Outage Reports – A single view that shows all your downtimes during within a specified interval. It basically shows the hourly status of a monitor in any time period. Very useful. It can be added at Add Report->Outage Report.

3. Data export – Now you can export data from Transaction and Full Page monitors in CSV and PDF formats. Simply go into the settings view for the corresponding monitor by clicking the pen icon, select the format and click Export.

4. Search in tab menu – If you have many tabs in your account, you can now easily search for them instead of sifting through all of them to find one.

5. Tweet your uptime – If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Wise words. Now you can share your site’s daily or weekly uptime performance in Twitter by clicking the ‘t’ icon in the header of your monitor.

6. Snapshots for internal Ping and HTTP – See the current status of all you internal pings and HTTP tests in a single view. Add them from Snapshot menu.

7. At least option changes – Until now you could receive alerts when all locations failed or at least 1. Now you can specify the minimum number of locations to be failed in order to receive alerts, e.g. at least 3 or 5.

8. Basic Authentication support – You can check the content of web pages that are behind basic authentication. Simply enable content matching and basic authentication options will appear when adding a new external monitor.

9. Monitis API – The API has been improved with more read and write functionality and and improved documentation.

To take full advantage of these features sign up for a free trial of Monitis.

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