Creating and Sharing Reports in Monitis. An Easy Task.

We’ve gotten good feedback from our video tutorials so far so we’re going to make some more. Reporting IT performance is one of the tasks of an IT administrator. It has often been a pain, so we tried to design our reporting module to make this process as effortless as possible. You can create and manage custom reports for any monitor or a group of monitors using the Add Report wizard located in the Monitis dashboard. These will show uptime and response time numbers on a monthly, weekly, daily, or custom basis. Once you click add, the report gets added to the dashboard and populated with data. You can select different views, like line chart, bar chart, table, etc. You can export the data as a PDF or CSV. You can also make it a public report with your logo, perfect for sharing with clients. You can also have reports emailed to a list of contacts periodically by going to Reports>Emailed Reports. For added convenience, you have the option of turning emailed reports on while adding new contacts.
There is the Outage report, which shows hourly performance between any two dates for a single monitor. This is useful because it compresses a large dataset into a manageable view, allowing you to see trends that you might otherwise miss. For example, if your site goes down every Saturday evening, the Outage report would show you.
We’ve recently added some Management Reports for Uptime, Performance, External SLA, Fullpage SLA, and Transactions SLA. These basically show how all your monitors have been doing for the last day, week and month in terms of uptime, response time, and meeting SLA objectives. We wanted to make sharing really easy for these reports, so you can email them to anyone with a click of a button.

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