Top Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Turn to Monitis

Years ago when you went to see your doctor or dentist, or went to a hospital for a procedure, everything was on paper. You filled out paper based insurance forms and then your paper files were pulled so that your caregiver had all the information they would ever need. These were the dark ages of record keeping, processing and even diagnosing if you compare them to today. Now, whether it is the small country doctors office or a massive regional hospital network, you can be sure that the healthcare service you get is heavily reliant on a very special and critical series of networks, services, databases and  may even be in the cloud. Patient health records, electronic prescriptions, clinical records, CDC interfaces, on-body health sensors, ambulance and EMT diagnosis and treatment, online medical registries and the boon of the industry – insurance processing – are all online processes that run over these myriad networks.


Top Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Turn to Monitis


Your health and treatment, and quite possibly your life, literally depends on these systems to be always working, working fast and working accurately.  As you can see in the example above your healthcare providers are continually relying on the flow of information regarding your health to be able to provide you with the best possible care. To be sure that they can rely on these systems with a high degree of confidence, the systems need to be constantly monitored.


All  of this information is stored on servers spread across multiple networks and needs to be instantly retrievable. Imagine the impact if suddenly this information was not available. Patient information not retrievable could grind doctors to a halt and at a minimum would leave them trying to diagnose with partial information. Or what if access to insurance networks was down and admissions could not verify patient coverage? What if the link for the EMTs suddenly stops functioning at the precise moment they are trying to administer life saving measures with the remote support of the doctors? As the choice of health related “wearables” to monitor a patient increases the need to monitor them will be paramount. Patients lives could be at risk. On the business side the impacts are also very significant. Healthcare centers are a complicated operation with myriad moving parts and if the IT networks they rely on don’t work at optimum levels the operational impacts would be large and costly.


The bottom line of this is that the healthcare industry as a whole relies on their data and the IT infrastructure. Thus the critical need to have in place an IT monitoring and alerting system that is efficient, reliable, durable and scalable and of course cost effective. This is where Monitis comes in. Our platform of services aligns seamlessly with the needs of the industry and provides the information and alerts that are required. Not only when things fail completely but they also can be set-up with thresholds that will warn the IT staff of issues and trends that would indicate actions need to be taken to avoid future problems. Just as a doctor offers his patients preventative treatments so they stay healthy, Monitis does the same to assure the ongoing health and efficiency of the IT network.


Healthcare providers around the world rely on Monitis to monitor the health of their systems to be sure they are health and running at top efficiency. By taking advantage of our server monitoring they are literally “Monitoring the heartbeat of their IT”. They see the status of their CPUs and will be immediately alerted to any of the thresholds they set being exceeded, thus giving them time to solve the problem before it is a problem. The same is true for Memory and drives. The embedded bandwidth monitoring will let them know of potential bottlenecks that could push their networks to it’s knees and they will know in advance!


With network monitoring we will quickly detect network performance issues and outages and instantly send notification so that resolution can be fast. We provide agent based and agentless monitoring for a wide range of network devices, including switches, phone systems, and Windows®, Linux® servers plus with our SNMP monitoring you can monitor firewalls, switches, printers and VOIP. With this tool in place the network’s health is always known and you can optimize performance and avoid down times.


Add on Monitis Application Monitoring and know that your application is up and running, and running at optimal performance levels. Get all the information you need regarding the availability and performance of your applications. And with our open API you can easily customize to match your exact and unique monitoring needs.


Just as the doctors and nurses watch their screens to keep an eye on their patients health, the IT department supporting this does the same with the Monitis dashboard. Everything  they need to see and know is right in front of their eyes.


Top Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Turn to Monitis


The healthcare industry provides services that we all rely on, from the day to day healthcare to the life saving. They need to know that the systems they rely on are healthy and ready for their demands no matter what. Their networks must always be ready and fast and Monitis is a critical component for them maintaining this quality of service.