Top 10 Open Source eCommerce Software (Joomla and Drupal) – Part 1/2

Open Source Ecommerce SoftwareAt Monitis we want to make the lives of web developers and system administrators easy!

We have reviewed the 10 most popular open source ecommerce platforms for Joomla and Drupal and would like to share our thoughts with you. In our two articles there is a list and short analysis of the 10 open source ecommerce software products to help guide you in finding a solution that best suits your needs.

Our first article will cover the following 5 products/vendors: Hikashop, SimpleCaddy, OpenCart, redShop and RokQuickCart.

1. Hikashop –

HikaShop Logo

Developed by the private French company, Hikari Software, Hikashop is used as an ecommerce Joomla extension. The application provides a wide variety of marketing tools, statistics and a convenient dashboard to suit any website ecommerce needs.

HikaShop Screen Shot


  • Easier to configure in comparison to similar products.
  • Excellent customer service and great support.
  • Provides the ability to make modifications on-the-fly.
  • Access to forum support is available and very helpful.


  • Does not provide choices to process payments, other than via PayPal.
  • A number of sections need to be configured.
  • When assigning modules, it can get a bit tricky to configure.


2.   SimpleCaddy –

SimpleCaddy Logo

Created by Atlantic Intelligence, a private company owned by Mr. Henk Von Pickartz, that develops other open source software (Raw Content, Simple Photo History) for various markets. SimpleCaddy provides a multitude of tools for easy and quick shopping cart setup.

SimpleCaddy Screen Shot

  • Excellent support, with quick response time from the developers.
  • Quickly integrates with PayPal to provide fast payment processing.
  • Simple to install and very customizable.
  • Once initial extension setup is complete, expanding the product line can be somewhat challenging.
  • Lacks a lot of the flare and features available by similar product developers.
  • Unable to setup customer accounts, whereby they can login, to link to a current database.
  • Does not provide any reporting features.


3.   OpenCart –

OpenCart Logo

Started in 2005, OpenCart is a private company that offers an open source shopping cart for Internet merchants. The company provides a large amount of extensions that can be used within a number of website types (i.e. WordPress, Joomla etc.)

OpenCart Screen Shot

  • The default layout includes most of the necessary features required by an average ecommerce site.
  • Provides multi-language and multi-currency features.
  • Support is better than most similar open source vendors.
  • A fair amount of additional modules are available, including a large number that are free.
  • A Joomla component is available, called JooCart, which integrates with any Joomla-based site.
  • Customization is very difficult to implement, and requires advanced coding knowledge.
  • A fair amount of small bugs currently exist, and they don’t seem to be addressed by the developers.
  • Developer’s assistance is offered for a fee, and documentation is not structured in an easy to read/understand manner.


4. redShop –

redSHOP Logo

Developed by the Red Component, the company offers several Joomla extensions including redShop, redMemember, and redEvent.  In addition, RedComponent also provides hosting services for Joomla specific websites.

redSHOP Screen Shot

  • Provides great configuration capability and installation takes a very short period of time.
  • It comes with a large number of flexible templates that can be assigned to each product, or category.
  • Support is very quick, via the company forum.
  • Allows the ability to handle volume shipments and calculate the cost of each; something not common in other similar products.
  • Software requires a fair amount of space for hosting.  Not recommended for self-hosting users.
  • Does not provide support for a number of payment gateways (i.e. EBS, CCAvenue)
  • The software is not as stable as many similar products, and has a number of bugs that still need to be resolved.
  • Priced higher than similar products on the market.
  • A fair amount of configuration is needed, and a basic knowledge of html is required for a number of options.


5.   RokQuickCart –

RokQuickCart Logo

With headquarters in Golden, Columbia, RocketTheme develops a number of Joomla templates and Drupal and WordPress themes. The company provides membership services, whereby a set rate of $50 will provide access to all of their Joomla templates. The company also designs a number of add components to their templates.

RokQuickCart Screen Shot

  • Very easy to install and configure – installation time is significantly less than similar competitive products.
  • Provides the ability to make easy adjustments.
  • Major payment platforms can be used, including Google and PayPal.
  • Great for vendors selling a small quantity of products, i.e. less than 20 items.
  • Has not been upgraded to the latest version of Joomla, still running on v.1.5.
  • There are compatibility issues with certain browsers, i.e. Google Chrome.
  • Does not provide the ability to calculate or process shipping by weight.

Hopefully our first of 3 articles on open source ecommerce platforms has been of interest to web developers and online retailers. Our second article will cover the following 5 vendors: VirtueMart; Wazala ecommerce; Ubercart; Tienda; and LiteCommerce.

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