Tools – Informative Modules

StatisticsStatistics shows the total number of OKs and NOKs for the current day and for the current month grouped by test types. As in all table views, the user may order displayed information by columns.
SnapshotShows the latest check results for tests. You may view all tests’ response times and statuses, or you may watch them tag by tag via clicking on the Tags link and selecting the appropriate tag name. When opening Snapshot in edit mode you can add Snaphot widget onto your personalized page: Google, Netwibes, Yahoo, etc. Follow the given directions to complete the process successfully.
Alerts FeedWhen some of your tests fails a new line appears in the window. Click on the line to see the details about  the failed test. You may also have alerts feed on your personalized pages. Click on the appropriate button and follow directions to have alerts feed on your chosen page.

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