This Week in Website Performance

weeklyThis Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. Why? Because your friends at care.

The Basics of ASP.NET Performance Optimization

Author: Tiago Pascoal.


Performance considerations for ASP.NET projects should be integrated into the project from the beginning, just like any other environment. This informative article describes how to ensure your ASP.NET project has performance built-in from the beginning. The very important profiling and measuring performance illuminates the areas requiring work, reducing waste and improving the deliverable.

5 WordPress Tricks to Improve Theme Performance

Author: Amit Trapathi.


WordPress themes are a convenient and popular way of customising a WordPress installation. Themes are not always put together with highest performance in mind, sometimes to accommodate a wide variety of users, and sometimes simply to get a nice looking and working product out. This short article covers 5 areas of possible improvement in a WordPress theme.

How To Remove Unnecessary Modules In JQuery

By Thoriq Firdaus.


If your website uses jQuery, as many do, it may account for a significant portion of the size. Performance is improved by reducing the size, and jQuery can be reduced by removing unnecessary modules. This article walks us through the process of customising jQuery.

Scale PHP on Ec2 to 30,000 Concurrent Users / Server

Author: Jonathan Block.


This nice set of tips from a crowdfunding company details how to scale a service on EC2 using a 2 person team to handle 30,000 concurrent users per web server. The LAMP stack can handle a high load very well, when it’s not overloaded! Make good used of CDN, caching, varnish, and appropriate EC2 choices.



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