This Week in Website Performance

This Week in Website PerformanceThis Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. Why? Because your friends at care.

Beyond Speed: Website Performance Issues That Are Easy To Solve

Author: Lorinda Brandon.


Website performance on e-commerce sites makes a big difference to conversion rates and ultimately revenues. Baseline time to load is very important and this article goes beyond the baseline to address other significant site performance aspects. For example, auto-completion in the search box can ease your customers’ experience and help drive them where they want to be critical seconds faster. Read on to explore several other ways to decrease time your clients need to spend to get to the checkout.

Case study: How effective are CDNs for mobile visitors?

Author: Tammy Everts.


The cute advertisement showcasing cat herders nearly took my attention entirely away from this study on the effectiveness of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) in the mobile segment. Force yourself past that to the study. Experimentation showed that CDNs helped with the base time to render metric, yet the increase was not as great as anticipated. Read on to see their data shows a 10% improvement on mobile platforms vs the 20% increase they saw in a similar test in desktop optimization.

Optimizing Google Web Font

Author: Thoriq Firdaus.


We have reported on various ways to improve performance of your site by being careful about how fonts are implemented. They are sometime overlooked yet can provide considerable weight to the site’s payload. In this informative article, very granular control is demonstrated over Google fonts, allowing you to utilise only the set you need. You can even specify a few characters to download of the font to really minimise the payload.

How To Avoid Duplicate Downloads In Responsive Images

Author: David Newton.


The picture element is new to HTML5 and is intended to do away with extra coding like js or server-side detection while providing responsive control over the element including fallback content. Attempts to lighten a site will utilise this useful element but it is not without it’s shortcomings. This article explores the problems with picture fallback and how to make it work for you.

Avoiding Unnecessary Paints

Author: Paul Lewis.


The complex task of converting your DOM and CSS to pixels on the screen is one of a browser’s main tasks. It is best to limit the number of times this task has to be completed. Inadvertent actions on paint-heavy elements can slow down a page too much and this HTML5 article has a great solution for you.

20 CDN & Web Performance Stats Worth Noting

Author: Sharon Bell.


We hear it again and again – one of the best things you can do for your site to improve performance is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). There are a wide number of CDNs out there to choose from and this article considers a few key aspects of 20 of them to help you decide which ones to check out.